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Immigration News Today: Controversial Immigration Law SB4 Will Take Effect in Texas

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New York

Tyson is hiring New York immigrants for jobs no one else wants:

Tyson Foods Inc. partners with the nonprofit Tent Partnership for Refugees to hire migrants from NYC’s intake system, offering unpleasant jobs. — Bloomberg 

Around the U.S.

Amid migrant crisis, Chicago food pantries experience unprecedented demand:

Chicago food pantries are experiencing unprecedented demand, with hourslong lines and reduced services. — Chicago Tribune

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott embraces role as top Biden antagonist on border:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott criticizes President Biden’s border policies, aiming to be a national leader and gaining support among Republicans. — NBC News

Controversial immigration law set to take effect in Texas:

SB4 will take effect Wednesday unless the Supreme Court agrees to put it on hold while the court system reviews its legality. — CBS News

Judge blocks tighter Washington state oversight of immigration detention center:

Despite that Washington intends to ensure public health and safety, “the court will not permit the state to enforce unconstitutional laws so that it can seek to address the public policy concerns that gave rise to those laws,” U.S. District Judge ruled. — Reuters

ERO Chicago arrests 28 noncitizen sex offenders during nationwide law enforcement effort:

The operation running from Feb. 5 to Feb. 16 netted 275 noncitizen sex offenders. — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

Washington D.C.

(Opinion) The border crisis factor no one talks about is American guns:

The border crisis is exacerbated by the flow of American guns into Mexico, leading to violence and insecurity that drive migrants to seek safety in the U.S. — Los Angeles Times

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