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Immigration News Today: NYC Unlocks $107 Million in Federal Aid for Migrants

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New York

NYC unlocks $107 million in federal migrant aid after months of paperwork delays:

President Biden approved the release of nearly $107 million in aid for migrants in New York City. This decision came after Mayor Adams’ office finally submitted all the necessary paperwork last week, following months of delays. — NY Daily News

GOP legislators demand answers from Hochul for migrant relocation program:

Two Republican NY Congress members demanded answers from Gov. Kathy Hochul about the Migrant Relocation Assistance Program, questioning safety, asylum claims, court appearances, and financial responsibility for their constituents. — ABC News

Ahead of NYC summit, Al Gore says addressing climate change would help solve migrant crisis:

“What we’re seeing with migration from Central America, and other regions, too, to the southern border of the U.S. is driven more by the climate extremes these people are suffering in the places they’ve always called home,” Gore said. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S. 

Hope amid the chaos for migrants in America:

ABC Owned Television Stations team up to tell stories about the migrants’ impact on America in 2024, from the border in Texas to big cities. — ABC7

Operators of large-scale marriage fraud “agency” sentenced:

Four California-based individuals have been sentenced in Boston for running a large-scale marriage fraud “agency” arranging hundreds of sham marriages to circumvent immigration laws. — Department of Justice

Washington D.C.

U.S. Supreme Court’s Samuel Alito extends pause on Texas immigration law:

The order barring Texas’ law allowing for arrest of people suspected of crossing the border illegally will expire on March 18, but Alito or the full Supreme Court could take further action before then. — Reuters

Democrats for Border Security task force seeks to redefine the party on immigration:

Fed up with the party’s leftward position on immigration issues, a newly established group of House Democrats aims to move the party’s stance on immigration toward the center. — NBC News

Sen. Grassley accuses Biden administration of trying to silence immigration judges:

Immigration judges must now seek supervisor approval before engaging in any public remarks or press interviews, a copy of the email obtained by ABC News said. — ABC7

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