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Immigration News Today: Trump Says Some Undocumented Immigrants Are “Not People”

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New York

NYPD ousts vendors selling Islamic goods just before Ramadan:

NYPD ordered Bangladeshi street vendors in Jackson Heights to leave, who are now struggling to make a living just before Ramadan. — The City

Around the U.S.

Haitian migrant in Massachusetts charged with raping a teenager:

Cory B. Alvarez, a Haitian migrant in Massachusetts, is charged with raping a disabled teenager living in a state and federal program for migrant families; ICE has lodged an immigration detainer. — The New York Times

How Ohio Republicans are weighing their Senate choice:

Ohio Republicans are considering three Senate candidates, weighing factors like Trump’s endorsement, immigration, and candidates’ policies, as they decide who to vote for in the primary. — NBC News

Migrants buying cars to make a life in Chicago:

Migrants in Chicago are increasingly driving without licenses, facing rising arrests for traffic violations, as they struggle to build new lives in the city with difficulties in getting work permits. — Chicago Tribune

Washington D.C.

(Opinion) Stop with the lies about “criminal immigrants”:

President Biden and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene clashed on immigration at the State of the Union, highlighting false narratives and complexities around immigration policy and discourse. — Chicago Sun Times

Trump says some undocumented immigrants are “not people”:

At the rally, Trump also warned it will be a “bloodbath for the country” if he is not elected. — Washington Post

U.S. considers Guantanamo Bay facility for Haitian migrants:

As the number of interdictions rises, with Florida deploying additional troops to the border, the U.S. is considering sending Haitian migrants to Guantanamo Bay for processing. — News Nation

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