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Immigration News Today: NYC Mayor Adams Cancels Border Trip, Citing Safety Concerns in Mexico

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New York

New York City’s mayor cancels a border trip, citing safety concerns in Mexico:

Mayor Eric Adams was expected to depart Saturday night to visit Brownsville and McAllen, Texas. — Spectrum News

New museum exhibit excavates untold New York City stories: 

Manhattan’s Tenement Museum unveiled a new exhibit highlighting the untold stories of immigrants and workers struggling through poverty to establish a home. — CBS News

Around the U.S. 

As its workers stream to the U.S., Mexico runs short on farmhands:

Mexico faces a farmworker shortage as workers head to the U.S., impacting agriculture and meaning farmers will need to pay higher wages to attract laborers. — Washington Post

(Opinion) Venezuela’s coming electoral farce could double its emigration to the U.S.:

Venezuela’s upcoming presidential elections are expected to trigger a wave of emigration to the U.S. as the country’s dictatorship continues and economic opportunities remain slim. — The Hill

They fled Afghanistan after Biden’s withdrawal. Now in the U.S., they hope Trump wins:

Some Afghan refugees in the U.S. hope for a Trump win due to dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the troop withdrawal and their resettlement in the U.S. — The Guardian

Washington D.C.

Arrests for unauthorized border crossings up in February, but among lowest of Biden term:

Arrests for illegal border crossings increased slightly in February, with 140,644 arrests made, but the month’s total remains among the lowest of Biden’s presidency.— VOA News

USCIS extends initial registration period for FY 2025 H-1B visa:

USCIS extended the initial registration period for FY 2025 H-1B cap to noon March 25, because of a temporary system outage, with selected registrants to be notified by March 31. — USCIS

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