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Immigration News Today: Advocates Demand Immigrant Worker Protections After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

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New York

Mosques in NYC struggle to house and feed a huge number of Muslim migrants this Ramadan:

Mosques are trying their best to accommodate migrants’ needs but have struggled as an increasing number of asylum seekers come from Muslim-majority African countries. — The Associated Press

Around the U.S.

Business leaders call for immigrant worker protection in wake of Baltimore bridge tragedy:

Advocates urge the Biden administration to grant undocumented essential workers pathways to get legal protection. — USA Today

El Paso judge orders release of some jailed after Texas border riot:

A Texas judge ordered the release of some migrants accused of participating in a border riot, while those without documents might stay jailed, amid charges of assaulting National Guard troops and inciting a riot. — News Nation Now

Latin American immigrants leading U.S. business growth:

Latin American immigrants significantly contribute to the U.S. economy by launching businesses at a rate more than double that of the general population, according to a recent study by Wall Street Journal. — CBS News

Baltimore bridge collapse highlights immigrants’ role in U.S. labor force:

“Here were people who are working in the middle of the night to make sure that your day went well, putting themselves in harm’s way,” said senior advisor to the president, Tom Perez, referring to immigrant workers. — Spectrum News

How Elon Musk pushes misinformation on voting, immigrants: 

Elon Musk amplifies unfounded claims about Democrats scheming to win elections by importing and enfranchising immigrants, despite evidence debunking these conspiracy theories. — Politi Fact

Washington D.C.

Trump calls migrants “animals,” intensifying focus on illegal immigration:

Trump’s repeated claims of immigrants bringing in more crimes are unfounded with evidence. — Reuters

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