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Immigration News Today: U.S. Border Arrest Decrease in March

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Around the U.S.

U.S. border arrests fall in March, bucking seasonal trends amid increased enforcement in Mexico:

The Border Patrol made 137,480 arrests of people entering from Mexico, down 2.3% from 140,638 in February. — The Associated Press

Douglas County files lawsuit challenging Colorado immigration laws:

The county says current laws limit local law enforcement and their ability to interact with the ICE. — CBS News

New census data hints at an urban population revival, assisted by immigration:

Major metro areas and cities such as Miami and Boston are showing signs of increasing population, with an important contribution from international migration. — Brookings Institute

A controversial Texas law has become a blueprint for other states. Immigrant communities are worried:

There are at least nine states that have posed immigration restrictions mirroring Texas’ S.B. 4. — CNN

Greg Abbott celebrates new migrant detention milestone:

More than 507,200 suspected illegal migrants have been arrested since the Operation Lone Star launched in 2021. — Newsweek

New York

FDNY makes first ever criminal arrest of e-bike shop owner for unsafe storage of batteries:

Tian Liang Liu, the owner of the Electric Bicycle Shop in Brooklyn, was arrested due to reckless endangerment related to fire code violations. — The City

New York school buses not picking up migrant children angers council member:

Nearly one in five migrant children leave their shelter mid-school year; 60-day eviction policy may have contributed to this. — Newsweek

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