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Immigration News Today: 700 Children Evicted from NYC Shelter No Longer Enrolled in School System

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New York

Many migrant children evicted from shelters also left school:

Nearly 700 children evicted from NYC migrant shelters on Jan. 9 are no longer enrolled in the city’s school system. — Governing Magazine

Black immigrant rally in NYC raises awareness about racial, religious and language inequities:

Black migrants are often turned away at shelters, have trouble getting help in their own languages, and face difficulties to find accommodations for religious practices compared to others. — The Associated Press

30K children lived in NYC homeless shelters every month last year, data shows:

Comptroller Brad Lander also said he wants to accurately track where migrants go after the mandatory 30- or 60-day evictions. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

How immigration reforms could bolster Social Security and Medicare solvency and address direct care workforce issues:

The U.S. should expand legal immigration, inviting certified nursing assistants, home health aides and personal care aides to come. — Brookings Institute

County judge calls on Texas to process, jail its own migrants:

Citing resource constraints, El Paso County officials request Texas to utilize its judges and detention facilities for migrants arrested at the border. — News Nation Now

Washington D.C.

Senate rejects impeachment articles against Mayorkas, ending trial against Cabinet secretary:

“For the sake of the Senate’s integrity and to protect impeachment for those rare cases we truly need it, senators should dismiss today’s charges,” said Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader. — The Associated Press

Dept. of Homeland Security embraces AI and other federal agencies are likely to follow:

DHS plans to launch three pilot projects to test AI technology covering issues including immigration, fentanyl, and child exploitation. — NBC News

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