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Immigration News Today: NYC Has Highest Level of Homeless Children

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New York

30,000 children lived in NYC homeless shelters every month last year, data shows:

Last year saw the highest number of children staying in NYC homeless shelters in nearly a decade, and numbers are still surging. – Gothamist

Migrants await NYC shelter beds a week after a backlog should’ve been cleared:

Migrants said they were provided addresses for temporary shelters in churches without cots but not given shelter beds. — Gothamist

Migrant waiting rooms see fights and freezing temperatures: 

Internal reports paint a picture of people freezing, fighting, and pushed to the brink in city’s waiting rooms for migrants. — The City

Around the U.S. 

Dubious claims about voting flyers at a migrant camp show how the border is inflaming politics:

The Spanish-language flyers of unknown origin encouraged migrants to vote illegally for Biden once they arrived in the U.S. — The Associated Press 

Migrants landing on California shores to bypass border agents:

More migrants are arriving on California’s beaches by boat, raising concerns about public safety. — Reuters

Washington D.C.

Inside Biden’s delay on going “nuclear” at the border:

President Biden’s forthcoming executive order to curb illegal border crossings has dragged on for months due to legal, political, and resource challenges. — Axios

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