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Immigration News Today: City Advises Migrants to Sleep in Chairs at Overnight Drop-In Centers

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New York

City advises migrants to sleep in chairs at overnight drop-in centers:

Residents at a Brooklyn overnight site were told earlier this month that they weren’t allowed to sleep before 2:30 a.m. — City Limits

Campus protests put Columbia president in crosshairs of critics on the left and right:

The left criticizes President Minouche Shafik for calling the NYPD on protesters; while the right accuses her of not doing enough to combat antisemitism on campus. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

Black immigrants report unfair treatment but still prefer the U.S.:

Despite discrimination, xenophobia, the high cost of health care and unfair treatment by police, black immigrants believe they’re better off in the U.S. than their home countries. — News Nation Now

Could lobsters be the key to getting migrants back to work?

Luke’s Lobster in Maine works with new migrants becoming authorized to work, offering them support or jobs while filling out their labor forces in the process. — News Nation Now

Washington D.C.

Even immigration restrictionists stay away from GOP’s “invasion” rhetoric:

“It’s hard to argue that it’s an invasion when they’re being invited in, right? No. 1, people aren’t showing up to the border armed,” said Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA. — The Hill

Homeland Security agency under ICE rebrands to aid its investigations:

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), previously associated with ICE, rebrands to distance from immigration enforcement, focusing on broader criminal missions for public clarity. — KSRO

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