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Immigration News Today: Half of U.S. Supports Mass Deportations of Undocumented Immigrants

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Around the U.S. 

America warms to mass deportations: 

Half of Americans, including 42% of Democrats, say they support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, a survey shows. — Axios

California gets 150,000 new citizens:

They are among some 878,500 individuals who became citizens of the U.S. in the past fiscal year. — Newsweek

Kansas governor vetoes effort to help Texas in border security fight: 

Kansas’ governor said that budget provisions passed by the state legislature to support Texas improperly encroached on her power. — Associated Press 

Immigration groups propose border security framework:

The plan aims to efficiently and effectively secure the U.S. border while improving the asylum and immigration process for those entering the country. — Border Report

San Diego is now the top border region for migrant arrivals:

For the first time in decades since late last century, San Diego has become the top region along the southern border for migrant arrivals. — Los Angeles Times

New York

Migrants and advocates brace for new rules governing shelter spots: 

Adult migrants without children will soon get only one 30-day shelter stay unless they prove they have “extenuating circumstances” or have made “significant efforts” to move. — The City

Washington D.C.

Republican-led states far from the border are rushing to pass tough immigration laws:

Many of the immigration bills pushed by Republican-led states are likely to face legal challenges as immigration is a federal, not a state, issue. — The Associated Press

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