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Immigration New Today: Columbia Students from Palestine File Discrimination Claim With Feds

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New York

Columbia students ask feds to probe alleged anti-Palestinian bias on campus:

Several Palestinian students at Columbia filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, alleging university officials have discriminated against Palestinian, Muslim, and Arab students for months. — The Gothamist

New York State aims to boost financial literacy among Latinos:

The New York Department of State granted over $1 million to NYC community organizations to provide one-on-one coaching with experienced financial professionals targeting the Latino community. — ABC7 NY

Around the U.S.

Migrants in Fresno, California, eligible for $500 monthly payments:

150 households will be chosen for the continuous checks delivered to recipients through prepaid debit cards. — Newsweek

The real migrant bus king of North America isn’t the Texas governor. It’s Mexico’s president:

Mexico’s immigration agency has intensified a busing program aiming to diminish migrants’ chances of reaching the U.S. border by sending them to south Mexico. — USA Today

After long journey, 15 migrant couples marry in group ceremony in Chicago:

Mostly from Venezuela, some couples said they had postponed their wedding as getting married in Venezuela is expensive and has complicated paperwork. — Chicago Sun Times

Washington D.C.

GOP plan will make immigrants feel unsafe, advocates argue:

GOP senators are considering a law forcing local authorities to help federal immigration agents in detaining people believed to be undocumented, which was passed in North Carolina, creating concerns about racial profiling. — WCNC

As border debate shifts right, Sen. Alex Padilla emerges as persistent counterforce for immigrants:

Senator Alex Padilla advocates for immigrant potential in shaping America’s workforce and asserts a progressive stance on immigration amid political challenges. — The Associated Press

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