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Immigration News Today: 2024 Migrant Deportations Exceed 2019 Peak By 50%

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Around the U.S. 

2024 migrant deportations exceed 2019 peak by 50%:

More than 135,000 immigrants were deported in the first half of the 2024 fiscal year. — NewsNation

Temporary farm workers get more protections against retaliation, other abuses under new rule:

Temporary farm workers will have more legal protections against employer retaliation, unsafe working conditions, and other abuses under a new Labor Department rule. — NBC News 

Republicans seeking Georgia congressional seat debate limits on immigration:

All of the candidates support more restrictions on immigration, including mass deportations of undocumented immigrants. — WGN Radio

New York

Nail salon workers’ reproductive health crisis exposed in new report:

Nail salon workers have seen higher rate of miscarriages and birth defects than the general population, and blame the chemicals used in their workplaces. — Documented 

NYC to hand out subway flyers to deter migrant children from selling candy:The city will hand out cards saying that unlicensed selling is illegal and can result in fines, and post fliers inside shelters housing migrant families. — The Gothamist

Washington D.C.

(Opinion) Biden should choose legal pathways over new restrictions:

Rather than ordering more immigration enforcement, the Biden administration should focus on expanding legal pathways, a former immigration official writes. — The Hill 

Immigration advocates see work permits as Biden’s best option: 

“It’s not just good policy, it’s good politics. Recent polling shows that two-thirds of voters in swing states support expanding work permits for undocumented immigrants,” an advocate said. — The Hill 

U.S., Mexico to clamp down on illegal immigration, leaders say:

U.S. and Mexican presidents said Sunday that they will move to decrease illegal crossings while addressing the economic and security problems leading people to migrate. — Reuters

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