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Immigration New Today: GOP Senator Threatens To Deport Pro-Palestinian International Student Protestors

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Washington D.C.

GOP senator calls for deporting certain foreign student protesters:

Sen. Marsha Blackburn called for the U.S. government to revoke the visas given to international students who are pro-Palestine and deport them. — The Hill

U.S. and Mexico will boost deportation flights and enforcement to crack down on illegal migration:

The U.S. and Mexico will increase enforcement to deter illegal migration to the border by preventing major transportation modes, said the White House’s national security spokesman. — The Associated Press

Around the U.S.

Georgia governor signs law requiring jailers to check immigration status of prisoners:

Critics warn that the legislation could transform local law enforcement into immigration authorities, discouraging immigrants from reporting crimes or cooperating with officers. — The Associated Press

(Poll) Americans are critical of today’s immigrants:

Regarding American adults’ attitudes towards immigration, many respondents expressed romanticism about the past and strong skepticism about it today. — Axios

Advocates pressure Mayor Whitmire to protect Houston’s immigrant communities from SB4:

The law is temporarily blocked from going into effect, but advocates fear its future implementation if Houston officials don’t issue a formal policy. — Houston Landing

Texas truck inspections costing border industry $32 million a day, Juarez official says:

The costs come from the overtime that plants must pay drivers and warehouse employees because of the inspection. — Border Report

California finally reverses its population-loss streak:

A rebound in legal immigration and drop in Covid-19 deaths the state’s first population increase since 2019. — POLITICO

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