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Immigration News Today: NYC and Bus Companies Vie in Court Over $700M in Migrant Costs

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New York

NYC and bus companies vie in court with $700M in migrant costs is on the line: 

A court battle began Thursday between the city and bus companies over costs for sheltering migrants bused to the city, with a century-old law and interstate travel rights up for debate. — Gothamist

Job placement and training opportunities for migrants with work permits in New York:

Multiple organizations are helping migrants access job training and placement opportunities. Documented highlighted some of them in a new resource article. — Documented

Around the U.S. 

(Opinion) How the federal government can help cities absorb new migrants: 

A migration expert suggests the federal government expedite work permits, engage with diaspora communities for support, and provide incentives for host communities to offer assistance for immigrants. — The Conversation 

Voters consider immigration top problem in U.S., poll shows: 

A poll conducted in April found 27% of Americans said immigration is the top problem facing the nation. — News Nation 

Immigrant workers are helping boost the U.S. labor market: 

The increase of immigrant workers is expected to boost gross domestic product over the next decade by $7 trillion. — CNBC 

Kansas has a new border security mission and tougher penalties for killing police dogs: 

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly faces potential legal battles with the GOP-controlled Legislature over support for Texas in border security disputes and other clashes. — Associated Press 

Washington D.C.

Biden admin. says 100,000 expects migrants are expected to enroll in Obamacare next year: 

Thousands of DACA recipients will be able to access tax breaks when they sign up for coverage after the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace enrollment begins on Nov. 1. — The Associated Press 

Justice Department plans to sue Iowa over new state immigration law: 

The Iowa law interferes with the federal government’s authority to enforce immigration law, the DOJ writes. — Associated Press 

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