Immigration Detention

Canadian Pension Fund Grows Investment in Private Prisons by 1100 Percent

Despite the government's views on immigration, Canada’s state pension fund increased its investment in American private prisons 13-fold during the family separation crisis.

ICE Detainees May Be Scattered As Hudson County Weighs Canceling Contract

The experience of two California counties paints a worrying picture for advocates.

Alvin McLean Can Teach You How to Get Deported

From prison, one man helps others prepare for deportation

A NJ Pension Fund Bets on CoreCivic and GEO Group

A retirement fund sunk nearly $1 million into two private prison companies that profit from immigration detention

New Jersey Jail is Holding Nearly Triple its Capacity in ICE Detainees

Bergen County jail held three times its listed capacity of ICE detainees at the start of the 2018 fiscal year.

Judge Rules ICE Improperly Held Pablo Villavicencio in ‘Custody’

A judge ruled on Wednesday night that ICE has been improperly holding Pablo Villavicencio in a form of custody, despite an order of release.

Neighboring County Sheriffs Differ on How to Detain Immigrants

The Albany County Sheriff and Rensselaer County Sheriff both hold immigrant detainees, but differ in their detention practices. The result: some detainees have lawyers in one facility and don't in the other.

For One Man, Immigration Detention Nearly Meant Death

Miguel Almonte says he was denied healthcare in a New Jersey detention center, while his health rapidly deteriorated