Immigration Detention

Immigrants Held in Detention for Months Without a Hearing: Lawsuit

Almost three-quarters of immigrant detainees have to wait more than two months to see a judge.

Former Detainee Sues ICE Agents for Medical Neglect

In court documents, one man alleges Bergen County Jail neglected his health and violated his constitutional rights

Canadian MP Questions Finance Minister on Private Prison Investments

After Documented uncovered Canada invested public money in the private prison industry, an MP is probing the finance minister for answers

Hudson County Votes to Limit ICE Contract

After a heated hearing, the Freeholders decided to expel ICE from the county jail by 2020

Canadian Pension Fund Grows Investment in Private Prisons by 1100 Percent

Despite the government's views on immigration, Canada’s state pension fund increased its investment in American private prisons 13-fold during the family separation crisis.

ICE Detainees May Be Scattered As Hudson County Weighs Canceling Contract

The experience of two California counties paints a worrying picture for advocates.

Alvin McLean Can Teach You How to Get Deported

From prison, one man helps others prepare for deportation

A NJ Pension Fund Bets on CoreCivic and GEO Group

A retirement fund sunk nearly $1 million into two private prison companies that profit from immigration detention