Immigration Enforcement

Queens DA Race Could Reshape NYC’s Immigration Enforcement

Candidates are debating reforms on how to prosecute immigrants.

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ICE Workplace Audits Force Out Immigrant Farmworkers Upstate

The spike in worksite enforcement by ICE hits upstate New York.

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Report Criticizes NYPD Collaboration With Israel

Report highlights Israel's influence on U.S. law enforcement.

Military bases enforcing U.S. immigration laws may be exceeding their authority

Detentions of immigrants by Army guards may be an overreach of power

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Exclusive: City Council Bill Calls for Ban on All Contracts With ICE

New legislation would prevent the city from contracting with “entities engaged in immigration enforcement.”

Councilman Demands Answers From ICE Over Continued Video Hearings

ICE still isn't physically producing detainees for hearings at Varick Street. Carlos Menchaca wants to know why.

Alvin McLean Can Teach You How to Get Deported

From prison, one man helps others prepare for deportation

New Jersey Jail is Holding Nearly Triple its Capacity in ICE Detainees

Bergen County jail held three times its listed capacity of ICE detainees at the start of the 2018 fiscal year.

Judge Rules ICE Improperly Held Pablo Villavicencio in ‘Custody’

A judge ruled on Wednesday night that ICE has been improperly holding Pablo Villavicencio in a form of custody, despite an order of release.