fbpx Definition of I-485 Immigration Form for Lawful Permanent Resident Status - Documented


The I-485 form lets people apply for legal status through a job offer, asylum or refugee status, or a family member who is a citizen.

The I-485 form is used to apply for lawful permanent resident status in the United States. Immigrants may be eligible to apply for the status through a job offer, by being granted asylee or refugee status or because they have a spouse or family member who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

The filing fee for the I-485 form varies by age and eligibility category, starting at $0 for those having been admitted to the United States as a refugee and rising to $1,225 for individuals ages 14-78. Applicants must provide sufficient evidence to have their petition for lawful permanent residency granted. Specific evidence varies by the eligibility category under which the individual is applying, but may include evidence of a family relation, proof of immigrant category or a confirmation of a job offer, among other documentation.

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