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Biden Administration Flying Venezuelan Migrants to Colombia

Plus: The Justice Department is faulted for haphazard communication that's impeding immigrant asylum seekers' cases

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Biden administration officials have begun sending Venezuelan migrants encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border to Colombia if they have previously lived there. Venezuela is experiencing political turmoil, but the U.S. has continued to rapidly expel migrants regardless of their home situations under a pandemic health order. Colombia has granted temporary work authorizations to Venezuelans as more of them leave their country. CNN

U.S. Department of Justice Faulted for Haphazard Communication 

The Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review is under fire for increasingly haphazard communications that are affecting immigrants seeking legal status. The courts announced they would pause cases of immigrants who are not detained and don’t have a legal representative until Feb. 7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But attorneys who represent noncitizens contend the pause is unfair to their clients, whose hearings are being held online with little notice and unclear rules. Law360

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