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Aug 08, 2022 | Madeline Faber

USCIS Case Status: How To Check Your Visa Petition and More

As U.S. immigration agencies face an unprecedented backlog, immigrants can be waiting years to officially make changes to their residency status. Here is how to check the status of a USCIS case in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services system.

USCIS is in charge of administering and processing immigrant visa petitions, naturalization petitions, affirmative asylum applications, refugee applications, advance parole travel documentation and employment verification, among other services. 

The agency announced in March 2022 that it would set new protocols to speed up employment-based visa requests specifically and generally reduce case backlog. People can check the average amount of time it took for USCIS to process a particular form using this tool.

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In this sample, the receipt number is a 13-character identifier attached to a I-797A form.

To check the status of an immigration petition, visit USCIS Case Online. The portal will ask for a 13-character receipt number. This receipt number, also known as USCIS case number, is present on all documentation that USCIS sends about an application. When USCIS first receives an application, they will send form I-797A/Notice of Action and designate a case with a receipt number. 

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Important note when you want to check your USCIS case status: When entering a receipt number to the portal, don’t include the dashes that may be present on other forms. The receipt number should include three letters, up to 10 numbers and occasionally asterisks.

After entering their receipt number, people can learn what the latest action is with their immigration case and the next steps. They can also use this system to update their address and locate a USCIS office. It is possible to check the status of a case without internet access. People can call 1-800-375-5283 if they are inside the US and 212-620-3418 if they are calling internationally.

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