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Trump Administration Using New Tactics to Separate Families

The government is telling parents it'll deport them with their children if they promise to never return to the U.S.

Max Siegelbaum

Jun 10, 2020

Photo: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Two years after the family separation crisis, the Trump administration is now using new tactics to separate families in an effort to dissuade people from seeking asylum in the U.S. For one Salvadoran family, this means the U.S. is trying to deport three children to El Salvador, separate from their parents who live in the Washington D.C. area and Matamoros, Mexico. Government lawyers said they’d put their mother on a plane to El Salvador if she agreed to never try to return to the United States. This is happening to migrant families across the country, according to court documents and more than 20 officials, judges, lawyers and migrants. The Los Angeles Times

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Deportation Flights to Guatemala Resume 

The United States is scheduled to resume deportation flights to Guatemala this week, nearly a month after the country stopped accepting them because the U.S. had sent back migrants with COVID-19. At least 186 Guatemalan deportees have tested positive for COVID-19 since arriving in Guatemala. The flights scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday should carry about 50 deportees each. Since the epidemic began in Guatemala, the country has received 2,160 deportees from the U.S. The New York Times

Undocumented Immigrants Caught in Phoenix Protest Arrests Now in Deportation Proceedings

Jesus Manuel Orona Prieto was in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on a date, his girlfriend said, when people were protesting the killing of George Floyd. Orona Prieto had just fled death threats from a gang in his home state of Chihuahua, Mexico. But that night, Phoenix police arrested him and charged him with felony rioting charges. Within 24 hours, he was in ICE custody. Orona Prieto is one of four undocumented people who were turned over to ICE after they were arrested last Saturday. The other three were DACA recipients and now face losing their status and deportation. The Intercept

CBP Separated More Families Than Previously Known

Customs and Border Protection separated children from at least 60 more families than previously reported during the height of the family separation crisis, according to the DHS Office of Inspector General. In a report, the OIG noted that over half of the separations are based on previous immigration violations of the parents, which was “inconsistent with official DHS public messages.” In response to the report, CBP took issue with the OIG’s statement “that CBP personnel separated families without regard for the health, welfare, safety, and reunification of inadmissible asylum-seeking applicants for admission,” saying it was “incorrect.” CQ Roll Call

Meat Processing Industry Still Struggles with COVID Infections

Tyson Foods, the largest meat processor in the U.S., has transformed its protocols and built on-site medical clinics to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Despite those efforts, the number of Tyson employees — many of whom are immigrant workers — who have tested positive for COVID-19 has grown from less than 1,600 a month ago to more than 7,000 today. The meat industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on protective gear, paid leave and ventilation systems as they shut down plants that became virus hotspots. Tyson’s situation shows how difficult it will be for the meat industry to return to normal. The Washington Post

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