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REAL ID: Appointment Requirements, Cost, and How to Get One

A REAL ID is a federally compliant DMV issued driver's license, learner permit or non-driver ID that will be required after May 2023 to board domestic flights or enter federal buildings. Here is information regarding what it is, how to make appointments, it's requirements. and how to get it.

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Retrasos en citas de consulado afectan las ayudas para inmigrantes

Documented y Univision encontraron pruebas de que los consulados de México, Honduras y Colombia tienen retrasos para procesar y renovar pasaportes en Nueva York. Esto afecta directamente las aplicaciones de inmigrantes a beneficios como el Fondo de Trabajadores Excluidos para indocumentados.

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Latin American Immigrants Can’t Reach Their Consulates

Documented and Univision found evidence that the consulates of Mexico, Honduras and Colombia are facing delays in scheduling appointments to process and renew passports in New York, causing setbacks of up to a year for individuals who are in need of the documentation to apply for benefits such as the upcoming Excluded Workers Fund.

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Documented Talks: “Immigration Matters,” Strategies for a Future Immigration System

While there is bipartisan agreement that the current U.S. immigration system is broken, the book, Immigration Matters, Strategies for a Future Immigration System, lays the groundwork for a progressive path forward. This was the topic for Documente’s third-panel discussion on Immigrant issues: How do we build a more humane immigration system?

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Emergency Rental Assistance Program: How to Apply

Every tenant in NY, regardless of immigration status, can apply for the state's Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) starting Tuesday, June 1st. The program will provide rent relief of up to 12 months of past due rent, and up to 3 additional months of assistance to New Yorkers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Alivio de alquiler para inmigrantes en Nueva York

Todos los inquilinos de NY, sin importar el estatus migratorio, podrán aplicar al programa estatal de alivio de alquiler (ERAP) empezando el día martes, 1 de junio de 2021. El programa brinda alivio financiero de hasta 12 meses de alquiler acumulado y hasta 3 meses de asistencia adicionales a personas afectadas por la pandemia COVID-19.

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¿Qué sucede si excedió su visa turista en Estados Unidos?

La cerradura de aeropuertos por la pandemia COVID-19 impidió la salida de turistas en los Estados Unidos antes de que expire su visa turista. Esto es lo que debe saber antes de regresar a los Estados Unidos.

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ITIN Delays Are Keeping Undocumented Workers From Relief Funds

With the IRS dealing with backlogs of new ITIN applications, and IDNYC applications on the decline, undocumented immigrants eligible for the Excluded Workers Fund are facing delays to obtain the required documentation.