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Haitian Immigrant Detainee Claims Retaliation for Speaking to the Press

A Haitian Immigrant at the Essex County Correctional Facility said corrections officers put him in solitary confinement after talking to WNYC

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A Haitian immigrant held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement jail says he’s being retaliated against after speaking up about poor medical care at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, New Jersey. Ernest Francois was among over a dozen detainees who contacted WNYC to claim they were neglected by the medical staff of the jail. After the story aired, a corrections officer called him a snitch, he said. Francois was sent to solitary confinement for an incident he said was fabricated. Later, Francois said, an officer pushed him so hard he injured his head. The warden of the jail said they would conduct an investigation based on the allegations. Gothamist

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