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White House Reportedly Refused to Fund Mental Health Services for Separated Families

The White House's reported rejection of a settlement for families separated at the border ended up costing taxpayers even more

The White House attempted to avoid paying for mental health services for families who had been separated under the administration’s zero tolerance policy, NBC News reports. The Justice Department and lawyers for families split at the border approved a settlement that would’ve paid out $8 million for mental health screening and counseling for thousands of migrants. But after consulting with White House adviser Stephen Miller, the Office of White House Counsel rejected the settlement, sources say. Eventually, a judge ordered the government to pay $14 million for mental health services for the families. NBC News

Brooklyn Judge Tears into Trump Administration‘s DACA Decisions

A federal judge alleged the Trump administration is trying to run down the clock to avoid giving work permits to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on Wednesday said the government should’ve resumed accepting new DACA applications when the Supreme Court blocked an attempt to end the program in June. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf — whom Garufis ruled Saturday was improperly appointed — issued a memo in July that restricted access to the program for immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Garaufis called the decision “sad” and an “inappropriate use of alleged executive authority.” Following Garufis’ Saturday ruling, DHS temporarily made FEMA Chief Peter T. Gaynor secretary to satisfy the succession dispute and appoint Wolf the secretary. Garaufis dubbed this move a “sham” and told lawyers in court that it would not solve his concerns. The Washington Post

Trump Pushes for New Immigration Policies in Final Days

The Trump administration is trying to quickly pass immigration policies before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. DHS is trying to broker more agreements with Central American countries to accept asylum seekers and limit how long international students can remain in the U.S. It’s also trying to bar undocumented immigrants with final orders of removal from being granted work permits. Immigration restrictionist groups say they’ve told the White House what they’d like to see done before Trump leaves office. CNN

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