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Immigrants Hurry to Fill Out DACA Applications After Reinstatement

Roughly 1.3 million people nationwide could have been eligible for DACA over the last three years while it was ended.

Deanna Garcia

Dec 09, 2020

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Thousands of young immigrants were thrilled to hear about the restoration of DACA, and now immigration policy experts and attorneys are quickly helping eligible immigrants to apply. Grisell Mendoza was in her second year of high school when the program was terminated and felt that her dreams of becoming a surgeon were “shattered.” She is now seeing more hope for her future after a judge demanded the Trump administration restore the program. Still, “the future of DACA remains uncertain, so we encourage young immigrants to explore all their options,” Adonia Simpson, director of family defense for Americans for Immigrant Justice, said. Roughly 76,000 people in Florida, as well as 1.3 million people nationwide, could have been eligible for the program for the last three years before it was ended, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Chicago Tribune

In other national immigration news…

Ocasio-Cortez Named Goya Foods ‘Employee of the Month’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was selected as Goya Foods’ “employee of the month,” after her boycott against the company reportedly caused an increase in sales. In July, Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue was criticized for praising Trump while visiting the White House. Goya Foods is the country’s largest Hispanic-owned food company, and some Latinos were disappointed with the CEO’s praise of the president, who they claim continuously attacks Latinos. On Monday, Unanue explained to “The Michael Berry Show” how Ocasio-Cortez’s boycott brought attention to the company and increased their sales by 1,000 percent. USA Today

Armed Mexicans Smuggled to Guard Border Construction

According to court documents unsealed by a federal judge, contractors building Trump’s border wall are allegedly smuggling armed Mexicans into the U.S. to guard the construction sites and are building an illegal dirt road to rush the operation. The two whistleblowers were both contracted to be security at the sites, and blamed Sullivan Land Services Co. and Ultimate Concrete of El Paso for allowing the smuggling to occur, overcharging construction costs and making false allegations about those actions. One of them mentioned that Ultimate Concrete built a dirt road to bring Mexicans in and even use construction vehicles to block security cameras. The New York Times

Immigrant Father Deported After Traffic Violation

Last month in Baltimore, Edgar Diaz-Palma was pulled over by an unmarked SUV for making an illegal U-turn and was then arrested for a pending issue with immigration. He was taken to an ICE processing center in an unmarked police van. For weeks, Diaz-Palma’s family, friends, legal advocates and elected officials have been trying to find out why ICE targeted him. They all hoped for a delay in his deportation until President-elect Joe Biden took office, but Diaz-Palma was deported Dec. 1. An ICE spokesman said Diaz-Palma’s arrest was part of the agency’s nationwide sweep of undocumented immigrants who did not leave after receiving voluntary departure orders. The Washington Post

U.S. Delays Migration Agreement for Countries Hit By Disasters

The federal government agreed to extend temporary migration protections that allow immigrants from six countries to live in the U.S., according to officials. The Department of Homeland Security extended Temporary Protected Status for citizens in El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras and Nepal until about October 2021. TPS approves some foreign citizens who come from countries that experience natural disasters, armed conflict or other events to stay in the U.S. and apply for work permits. DHS must renew their status regularly in six- to 18-month intervals. Reuters



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