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3,300 Migrants Hurt While Waiting in Mexico

Plus: Biden will let deported asylum seekers have a second chance, poll finds Americans want stricter immigration policies

Deanna Garcia

Jun 23, 2021

U.S.–Mexico border.

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A new report by Human Rights First revealed that close to 3,300 migrants who have been stranded in Mexico have been kidnapped, raped, trafficked or assaulted since President Joe Biden took office. A total of 500 incidents were logged in April, which increased to 3,300 by mid-June. Despite Biden reversing many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, Title 42, which expels migrants under a public health rule, is still in place. A Human Rights First spokesperson said some of the alleged victims were expelled under Title 42 while others were blocked by the policy, leaving them stranded in Mexico. Reuters 

In other federal immigration news…

Biden Expanding Plan for Asylum Seekers Waiting in Border Towns

The Biden administration is allowing migrants who were forced to wait for their asylum cases in Mexico but were deported back to their home country to have a second chance at asylum. About 28,000 immigrants were forced into the Migrant Protection Protocols and ordered to be deported, leading them to miss their asylum hearings. While waiting, migrants faced kidnap, rape and torture. The Biden administration has so far allowed those with open cases to enter the U.S. And on Wednesday, the administration will allow people who were ordered to be deported “in absentia” to seek their decision annulled by immigration judges. BuzzFeed News 

Poll: Voters Say Biden Should Have Stricter Immigration Policies

According to a new survey by Harvard CAPS-Harris, the majority of voters, about 64 percent, say Biden should “issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people across the border.” Meanwhile, 36 percent said the Biden administration should keep its current policies. The poll also noted that 55 percent said the Trump administration’s policies should remain, while 45 percent said they should have been undone. About 67 percent of voters say people who cross the southern border illegally should be sent back to Mexico while a third said they should be released into the U.S. with a court date. The Hill



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