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Migrant Children Still Stuck in Temporary Shelters for Months

Plus: Asylum seekers report 'horrible' conditions at immigration jail, undocumented crime victims get second chance at work permits.

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Hundreds of migrant children are still spending long periods of time in temporary government facilities, some as many as 60 days, according to a court filing. Attorneys say the conditions are insufficient for the children, who are reportedly receiving undercooked food and have limited access to showers. A group of attorneys were able to speak with children because they’re monitoring government compliance through the Flores settlement, which sets standards for migrant child detention. There were 14,467 children in custody of the Health and Human Services Department as of Sunday. CNN 

Asylum Seeker Reports ‘Horrible Conditions’ at Louisiana ICE Detention Center 

An asylum seeker who was held at the Winn Correctional Center in Louisiana for 46 days said he saw “horrible conditions” that were “not suitable for humans.” The paroled detainee told NBC News that the facility had small amounts of food, a lack of toilets, no hot water and intensely cold temperatures. The former detainee recalled a protest that occurred over the conditions, which resulted in detainees being pepper-sprayed. The Southwest Immigrant Freedom Initiative of Louisiana wrote two letters to the Department of Homeland Security about the “abuses and inhumane conditions at Winn,” while other advocates and attorneys have been sounding the alarm over deteriorating conditions. NBC News 

Work Permits Give Second Chance to Undocumented Crime Victims

Rosa Maria Perez was overwhelmed with emotion when she discovered she would receive a work permit because of a new change in visa policy. She’s been residing in the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant for almost half of her life, but because she cooperated with authorities looking to solve a crime, she was able to apply for a U visa. Close to 270,000 applicants were stuck in a visa processing backlog at the end of 2020, while visas are capped at 10,000 every year. Perez’s application has been pending since 2019. She hopes this new change will help her work with better wages and benefits. San Diego Union-Tribune 

Minnesota Immigrants Say Nonprofit Apartment Complex Has Unacceptable Management

The East Village complex is managed by Aeon, a nonprofit that builds, purchases and refurbishes apartments and townhouses to provide affordable living throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. But residents, including Kafiya Abdi, a Somali American, are tired of problems plaguing the apartments. When Abdi first reported a problem to management, no one responded until her apartment was broken into a few weeks later. Abdi says most residents are older Somali immigrants who don’t speak much English, and believes building management ignores their requests because they have a difficult time fighting for themselves. Sahan Journal 

Virginia Advocates Fight for Immigration Reform

Immigration advocacy groups are fighting for Virginia Sens. Tim Kaine (D) and Mark Warner (D), who both sit on the Senate’s budget committee, to use the budget reconciliation process to pass immigration reform bill H.R.6 instead of pushing for bipartisan support. “We have to have comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, and the federal government, specifically the United States’ Senate, needs to act,” said Virginia Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington). Kaine said in a statement that he would prefer having a bipartisan approach, but he’s open to an agreement if talks continue. Warner said he’s supportive of the bill but hasn’t spoken on possible reconciliation. Virginia Mercury

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