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New Jersey Gov. Hasn’t ‘Personally Reviewed’ ICE Contract Bill

Plus: What to expect from Biden in immigration courts, essential workers protest for citizenship in New York

Deanna Garcia

Jul 26, 2021

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs law letting immigrants get professional licenses

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs law letting immigrants get professional licenses

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During the latest episode of WNYC’s “Ask Governor Murphy,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) was asked if he would sign a bill that would prohibit new, renewed and expanded Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention agreements. Murphy gave a vague response, saying “This bill as I understand it — again I have not personally reviewed this one so I want to make sure I say that, I’m not commenting specifically on the bill — but if it accelerates that or aids and abet that trend toward a better reality, that’s something conceptually I’ve been supportive of.” The bill already passed the State Assembly and State Senate last month and is waiting for Murphy’s signature. WNYC 

In other local immigration news…

Documented Talks: The Future of Immigration Courts

📍 Documented Event Recap
Documented held an online discussion between Immigration Judge Amiena Khan, President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, and Julia Preston, contributing writer at The Marshall Project, to explore the Trump administration’s immigration policies and what the Biden administration will do differently. “We all recognize the abuses of the prior Trump administration to effectively speed up the workforce … to create a sort of an assembly line processing of our cases, rather than to enhance efficiency and removal orders,” Judge Khan said. With the backlog of 1.3 million cases, she said that New York immigration judges are scheduled until December 2023 and that the agency capped scheduling further dates. Judge Khan also mentioned that while hearings get delayed, evidence could become stale and witnesses could become unavailable. Read more at Documented.

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Essential Immigrant Workers Protest in New York and New Jersey

On Friday, immigration activists across the U.S. participated in a nationwide day of action to call on Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for essential workers. In New York, immigrants and essential workers stopped traffic by marching on Manhattan Bridge. Yatziri Tovar of Make the Road New York said she was marching for her father, a delivery man. “We’re talking about him being able to feel more safe, to stay here with his children, his future grandchildren,” Tovar said. Vice President Kamala Harris met with immigrant rights leaders on Thursday and pledged that the Biden administration will continue to push for overhauls of the U.S.’s immigration policies. PIX11 

New Jersey immigrants and families also held a protest fighting for a pathway to citizenship at Newark Penn Station. According to a statement from Make the Road New Jersey, protestors were demanding a “just infrastructure package” to protect immigrant essential workers. They also called for a “humane immigration system” that will protect the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. “As Washington continues to debate an infrastructure package, it is critical that Democrats hold the line and maintain the inclusion of a pathway to citizenship for immigrant essential workers to ensure we all get through this crisis and beyond,” the group said. Patch



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