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Court Upholds NJ’s Restriction on Law Enforcement Work with ICE

Plus: The neighborhood with New York City's lowest vaccination rate, Excluded Workers Fund questions answered

Deanna Garcia

Aug 11, 2021

New Jersey State House

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On Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruled a directive from New Jersey’s attorney general limiting state, county and local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities as lawful. The directive prohibits NJ police officers from stopping, searching or detaining individuals based on immigration status or detaining immigrants on requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, except in cases involving serious or violent crimes or final deportation orders. The Ocean County Board of Commissioners and Cape May County Sheriff’s Office challenged New Jersey’s rule, called the Immigrant Trust Directive. NJ Spotlight News 

In other local immigration news…

Far Rockaway Has the Lowest Vaccination Rate in the City. Here’s Why.

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Some New York City neighborhoods with high foreign-born populations have the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates for various reasons: Tight work schedules, fears of negative reactions, misinformation and a shortage of vaccine sites. City data shows only 34% of Edgemore and Far Rockaway residents are vaccinated, marking the lowest vaccination rate in the city. A third of those neighborhoods’ almost 70,000 residents are foreign born, and the area’s median income is about $50,000. Meanwhile the average median income in Breezy Point is almost $106,000, and 79% of residents are fully vaccinated. Read more at Documented. 

Excluded Workers Fund, Questions and Answers

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Since the $2.1 billion Excluded Workers Funded opened applications, Documented’s WhatsApp community has been asking questions about the program and the application process process. Documented and Make the Road NY hosted a live Q&A, which over 1,200 attendees joined to learn about the requirements for the program and how to prepare before applying. And after getting more than 1,000 comments, Documented answered the most common questions. Over 60 organizations are helping New Yorkers, including those who are undocumented, apply to the program. To see more answers from frequently asked questions for the EWF program, read more at Documented.

Make the Road NY Responds to Cuomo’s Resignation

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned after a state investigation concluded he sexual harassed several women. Arlenis Morel, co-executive director of Make the Road New York, responded to Cuomo’s resignation by saying it was a shame it took so many women to come forward before he stepped down. She also said Cuomo continued to fail immigrants, workers and tenants by “consistently siding with his big-money donors over the working-class and low-income people he has claimed to represent.” Make the Road NY then urged the state’s leaders to “turn to the urgent work of delivering for immigrant, Black and brown New Yorkers, who have born the brunt of this pandemic without nearly enough support from our state government.” Deanna Garcia for Documented.



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