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Reps. Request Investigation into Treatment of Afghan Refugees at Base

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U.S. Democratic Reps. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, have requested that the secretary of defense investigate claims of possible mistreatment of Afghan refugees housed at Fort McCoy, a military base in western Wisconsin. This week, the two asked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III about some worrying conditions at the base that were brought to their attention, which included a lack of basic necessities and military base staff speaking in a “rude, condescending manner” to the Afghan refugees. A spokesperson for the base said it had been going through some supply chain issues, which have since been dealt with. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In other local immigration news…

Biden Administration to Deport Haitian Migrants

The Biden administration said it would soon begin an extensive deportation of Haitian migrants from Del Rio, Texas. In recent days, more than 14,300 migrants, mostly from Haiti, have been staying under the Del Rio International bridge awaiting asylum processing. In a letter to the Biden administration this week, more than 50 Democratic lawmakers asked for deportations to Haiti to be halted in the aftermath of a major earthquake and amid political upheaval. Still, the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that they would be surging 400 agents and officers to the Del Rio sector, and that Border Patrol is coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Coast Guard to shuffle migrants from Del Rio to different processing locations. CNN/Associated Press

How ICE Uses Interpol to Deport Potentially Wrongly Accused Immigrants 

Hugo Gomez now spends his time reading the bible in his bottom bunk inside an immigration jail a few hours northeast of Los Angeles. The Guatemalan government says that while he worked for the national police, he was involved in the 1984 forced disappearance of one labor activist, and the illegal detention of another. In 2009, when Gomez had long been living in the U.S., the Guatemalan government sent a worldwide request to law enforcement to find Gomez so he could go to trial. The International Criminal Police Organization, known as Interpol, issued what they called a “red notice” for Gomez — and now, ICE wants to deport him to Guatemala, where he hasn’t lived since 1987. Gomez maintains that he did nothing wrong. Los Angeles Times

Almost 50 Migrants Discovered in Tractor Trailer on Texas Border

A tractor trailer containing 49 migrants was found traveling on an interstate highway before a border checkpoint stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas. U.S border patrol agents found the migrants — who were from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru — after a K9 unit let agents know there could be a discovery inside the truck. The individual who was driving a vehicle had a visa to be in the United States and was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations for prosecution, while the migrants were processed and went through medical checks. Border Report

Trek Up Otay Mountain Shows Risks Migrants Take to Enter U.S.

The Otay Mountain wilderness area, near San Diego, is one of the most popular and riskiest routes that migrants take when they try to enter the United States. Border Patrol agents took a small group of reporters up the mountain last month, showing the dangers migrants face as they follow the route through dangerous terrain. The route is rocky, steep, and full of boulders and dense brush, a San Diego Union Tribune reporter who went on the trek reported. Since October 2020, agents have found more than 20 people who injured themselves crossing the mountain, a San Diego sector spokesperson said. The San Diego Union Tribune

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