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NY To Give $27 Million Ida Aid to Undocumented Immigrants

Plus: Immigrant New Yorkers unite to save Chinatown, and an immigrant vendor's fresh produce is thrown out for no clear reason

Deanna Garcia

Sep 27, 2021

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul makes an announcement.

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A few weeks after Hurricane Ida made its way into New York City, wrecking basement apartments and taking 13 lives, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Bill de Blasio are expected to announce financial aid for undocumented New Yorkers who can’t receive federal assistance. The $27 million fund will be allocated to those ineligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency aid due to their immigration status. “With these resources dedicated to undocumented New Yorkers who are ineligible for FEMA relief and partnerships with organizations on the ground, we can close gaps in aid and help New Yorkers in need,” Hochul said in a statement. THE CITY 

In other local immigration news…

Immigrant New Yorkers Unite to Save Chinatown Institutions and Demand Better Labor Standards

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Protesters in Chinatown chanted several phrases — “Save Jing Fong,” “How do you spell racist? M-O-C-A“ and “Chinatown! Not for sale” — as they marched from the Chinese-American Planning Council headquarters to the Museum of Chinese in America on Sunday. Community activists and workers held this protest to demand the end to CPC’s 24-hour workdays for home health workers, argue against the displacement of individuals and small businesses in Chinatown and the Lower East Side and show their disapproval of the closure of Jing Fong restaurant. This protest is the latest development in the fight against displacement and for better working conditions for immigrants in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Read more at Documented.

Immigrant Street Vendor’s Fresh Produce Thrown Out at Pelham Parkway

A video surfaced online of sanitation workers throwing out fresh fruits and vegetables that belonged to Diana Hernandez Cruz, an immigrant and owner of a food stand on the Bronx’s Pelham Parkway, while angry onlookers protested the move. The New York Department of Sanitation said they were called to Cruz’s stand because food items were abandoned and, by law, the crew had to dispose of the food. But after investigating, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection also said the action violated city policies and led to “wastefulness.” Local food vendor activists say vendors aren’t receiving the permits they deserve. ABC7 

Afghan Refugee Recalls Escaping Her Home Country

Freshta Nazari, an Afghan refugee with ties to Westchester County, escaped from Afghanistan and is now waiting for notification on her refugee status at a New Jersey military base. The Taliban beat Nazari while she and thousands of other Afghans waited at the Kabul Airport to leave the country. Sofia Bator, her cousin, said the Taliban beat her at checkpoints multiple times, and she eventually began bleeding. Even though Nazari is one of the lucky ones who escaped, she’s worried for her parents who are still in Afghanistan. For now, she prays for her parents but looks forward to being reunited with her only relative in the U.S. News12 the Bronx 



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