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Biden’s CBP Nominee Expresses Title 42 Support

Plus: Harry Reid tells Democrats to pass immigration reform, and Homeland Security proposal would salvage unused green cards

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

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Chris Magnus, President Joe Biden’s choice to lead Customs and Border Protection, expressed support for the Title 42 public health order during his Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Immigration advocates have widely criticized Title 42 because it allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants before they can seek asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. When Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa asked Magnus whether Title 42 is necessary, Magnus responded: “As a paramedic for 10 years public health has always been one of my top concerns, and because of that I think it’s absolutely imperative that we do everything possible to stop the spread of Covid. And Title 42 is a CDC authority, and I think it helps with this.” CNN

In other federal immigration news…

Harry Reid Urges Democrats to Pass Immigration Reform

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday urged Democrats to move forward on immigration reform this year. Though the Nevada Democrat did not specify how exactly he hopes Senate leaders “push through” on immigration reform, he noted that voters could turn against Democrats if a deal does not come through. “It makes policy sense and political sense and not just with Latino voters, but also with Americans of all backgrounds,” Reid said. “The operative word is ‘win.’ With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, Americans expect Democrats to deliver this time on sensible immigration policies,” he added. The Hill

Homeland Security Proposal Would Salvage Unused Green Cards

Under a proposed U.S. Senate spending bill released Monday, officials could “salvage” unused green cards from the past two years. This would let U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recover family- and employment-based immigrant visas that went unused in fiscal years 2020 and 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “These changes would ensure that United States citizens could reunify with their families and would help the economy by permitting employers access to necessary workers as the law proscribes,” said a release from the Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee. Bloomberg

Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio

Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio is a Report for America Corps Member who covers immigration for Documented, where she focuses on immigration courts and detention.



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