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Children of Immigrants Become Elected Officials in 2021

Plus: Can Eric Adams strengthen police without boosting ICE? and NYC taxi drivers celebrate medallion debt program

Deanna Garcia

Nov 05, 2021

Advocates, local officials and community members pop off confetti during a rally celebrating gaining a super majority in the City Council for the Our City, Our Vote Legislation at Corona Plaza on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

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In New York’s 2021 general elections, some candidates who are children of immigrants made history. Shahana Hanif officially became the first Muslim woman elected into City Council and will represent Brooklyn’s District 39. Shekar Krishnan, son of Indian immigrants, was elected into City Council for Queen’s District 25. Antonio Reynoso, son of Dominican immigrants, was elected as the next Brooklyn Borough President. During his two terms as a city council member, he focused on quality of life issues, served as Sanitation Committee chair and endorsed legislation concerning waste in overworked districts, policing, tenant safety and more. Jennifer Gutiérrez, daughter of Colombian residents, will replace Reynoso as the next District 34 Representative. Gutiérrez was an activist who became a City Council member to fight for affordable housing, environmental equity and equity within NYC’s public education system. Deanna Garcia for Documented.

In other local immigration news…

Can Eric Adams Strengthen Police Departments Without Causing More Deportations?

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As the mayor-elect of New York, Eric Adams will lead 8.3 million city residents, including roughly 3.1 million immigrants. Adams has shown support for the undocumented community, condemning Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests and saying New York will remain a sanctuary city. Adams also plants to mandate city agencies ensure services don’t unveil undocumented immigrants to law enforcement and would “severely restrict” any immigrant arrests. Still, he has shared his support for the NYPD’s ‘stop and frisk’ tactic, but only when it’s used legally. Advocates say Black and Latino individuals are the most targeted by the tactic, especially in immigrant communities. Read more at Documented.

NYC Taxi Owners Celebrate Improved Taxi Medallion Program

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On Thursday afternoon, dozens of yellow cab drivers, owners, and supporters celebrated outside of New York City Hall after hearing the de Blasio administration came to an agreement with the New York Taxi Workers Alliance after a two-week hunger strike and almost a two-month-long encampment. Both parties agreed on a taxi medallion debt reconstruction plan, which would allow drivers to pay an affordable rate and ensure a city-funded guarantee on the principal and interest for their massive medallion loans. Victor Salazar, an immigrant from Ecuador and cab driver since 1993, said, “This means we can take our lives back with a peace of mind so that we can serve the city of New York.” Read more at Documented.



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