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New Memo Shows Attempts to Manipulate 2020 Census for Political Gain

Plus: Congressional Hispanic Caucus to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris' communications director over old tweets

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Top Census Bureau officials complained of political interference during the 2020 Census under President Trump’s leadership, a newly uncovered memo reveals. They said they faced political pressure to rapidly find and count undocumented immigrants, use estimates to fill missing data, and take shortcuts to calculate population figures. The Census count determines U.S. House seats, and the Trump administration had wanted to exclude noncitizens from the population count. The result would have been an older and whiter population base in states with large immigrant populations — a tactic that could prove advantageous to the Republican party. The New York Times

In other federal immigration news…

Congressional Hispanic Caucus to Meet with Harris Communications Director Over Old Tweets

Lawmakers with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will meet with Jamal Simmons, who was recently appointed communications director to Vice President Kamala Harris. The caucus will discuss Simmons’ past tweets in a Wednesday video conference. He has been facing criticism for tweets he posted in 2010 in which he urged Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest undocumented immigrants. The meeting is intended to ease tensions between Simmons and the CHC. The Hill

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