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Biden Admin. Set to Release New Rule for Processing Asylum Seekers at the Border

Plus: The Biden administration vows to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into the country, and more immigration news

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A new rule for processing asylum seekers arriving at the border has been uploaded for public inspection on the Federal Register, and will go into effect in 60 days. The rule was first proposed in August, and would treat the “credible fear interview” process for asylum seekers as an application for asylum. In the current process, asylum seekers who pass the interview still have to go to immigration court. Instead, they would first go to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to present their case. DHS stated it has made 23 changes to regulatory provisions that were first proposed, and did so based on recommendations by commenters, and has since sought comments on new changes. 

In other federal immigration news…

Biden admin vows to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into the country

The Biden administration will take in 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and others fleeing Russia’s invasion, the White House announced. The U.S., along with a group of other nations, is also set to announce more military deployments to Eastern Europe and plans to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian energy, even as divisions emerge about how to pressure Moscow. So far, more than 3.6 million refugees have fled Ukraine in the month-long attack by Russia, and United Nations refugee and children’s agencies say more than half of the country’s children have been displaced. CBSNews

Republicans seek to pressure DHS over Title 42 withdrawal

Ahead of an anticipated end to Title 42, the public health order that blocks and expels immigrants seeking asylum, congressional Republicans are pressing the Department of Homeland Security to continue the policy. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) led a letter signed by other Republican senators asking DHS how it is preparing to lift the Trump-era order, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reviewing and plans to make a decision on by March 30. “This policy served as an effective deterrent to illegal border crossings by removing the prospect of an illegal alien being permitted to remain in and move freely throughout the United States,” Sen. Scott wrote in the letter. The letter comes amid reports that DHS is already prepping for an increase in border crossings due to constrained demands the policy created. The Hill

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