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Legal Immigration to the U.S. Surges As National and Global Borders Reopen

Plus: 400 Ukrainians arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum, and more national immigration news

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A new Pew Research Center analysis of recently available government data shows the number of new lawful U.S. permanent residents is rebounding. After a steep decline during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the figure grew last year to pre-pandemic levels. About 282,000 people received green cards between July and September 2021, which the highest three-month period since April-June 2017. During the pandemic, new green card issuances fell to a quarterly low of 79,000 in mid-2020. In the final quarter of fiscal 2021, which ended Sept 30, foreign tourists, business visitors, guest workers, foreign students and other temporary lawful migrants also saw a slight rebound, though those numbers are still well below pre-pandemic averages. Pew Research

In other national immigration news…

400 Ukrainians Arrive at U.S.-Mexico Border

Around 400 Ukrainians entered Tijuana on Saturday and Sunday after arriving in Cancun and Mexico City, said Enrique Lucero, who directs the Tijuana’s migration affairs. Nearly 30% of them are children. “They will continue to arrive,” Lucero said, adding that an estimated 1,700 Ukrainians have arrived in Tijuana recently. They are temporarily staying in improvised camps near the international port of entry. The increase in Ukrainians in Tijuana comes as the United States steps up efforts to handle migrants and asylum seekers, regardless of their nationality. An increase in migrant arrivals is also expected as the U.S. lifts the Title 42 policy that rapidly expels those seeking asylum at the border. Reuters

Story of a ‘Dreamer’ Depicted in New Musical, “¡Americano!”

The life of Tony Valdovinos, an undocumented immigrant brought into the U.S. at 2 years old and only discovered so during his 18th birthday after going to enlist in the U.S. marines, is being portrayed in a new musical, “¡Americano!.” After a run at Phoenix Theater Company in Arizona, it will open April 21 at New World Stages in Manhattan, New York. “This is a human story, not a political story, and we tried very hard in the show to do that,” said Michael Barnard, director and co-writer of the book and producing artistic director of the Phoenix Theater Company. The story follows Valdovinos as he eventually begins fighting against voter suppression and for representation in government. AP News

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