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Jul 27, 2022 | Rommel H. Ojeda

Cooling Centers Open Today in NYC

The risk of heat exhaustion or fainting increases as temperatures rise during the summer, especially for jobs that require longer periods of time outdoors like the construction industry.

According to a report by the Office of the City Comprotoller, 53% of jobs in the construction industry are held by immigrants. The industry is not just one that has seen disparities in workers rights but also one that has gotten more dangerous in the previous years. 

High temperatures can also result in tragedy. To ensure the safety of all, these are the cooling centers, parks and water fountains in the five boroughs. Please note that some of the places may be limited to certain age groups, specific times, and/or days. 

Additionally, if you need further assistance, visit our list of organizations that help immigrants in New York.  

For additional questions please email info@documentedny.com

In short

  • A heatwave is assigned when the temperatures are more than 90° for three consecutive days
  • Water fountains and refill stations can be found here
  • Cooling centers can be found here
  • If you feel dizzy, enter a cool place such as a bodega, restaurant, library and rest
  • Electrolytes are highly recommended to stay hydrated if you are involved in extraneous activities or moving for long periods of time 
  • If you have trouble breathing, or in case of an emergency dial 911

Cooling Centers in New York City

Due to the multiple factors that can impede the use of air conditioning at home, like cost of electricity, there are facilities known as cooling centers around the city open to the public where individuals can go to rest and cool down. You can find them by entering your address in the interactive map here: https://maps.nyc.gov/cooling-center/

The link will take you to the map below, where you can filter out by location, type, age preference, among other things. Use the details tab to see if they accept pets, and the hours that they operate. Some of the times might change depending on the heat advisory, so always call ahead to ensure the information is up to date. 

For full access to NYC cooling center map, visit maps.nyc.gov/cooling-center

What if I feel sick? 

It is recommended at this moment that individuals who feel sick to stay at home in a cool place. Local NGOs can at times donate AC units to individuals in need.

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Individuals can also reach out to their representatives. “If you need support with rising utility costs from running your fans and air conditioning, my office is here to connect you with programs that can help. Please do not hesitate to reach out,” said Sen. Jessica Ramos.

Find your senator or assembly member and their contact information.

Water Fountains, Refill Stations and Public Parks

Drinking fluids is also a key to staying hydrated, especially during hot days when the body sweats more. The New York City Department of Health recommends drinking water every 15 minutes, even if one does not feel thirsty. 

For those who may be involved in strenuous activities – like working out or working outdoors – electrolytes are recommended. 

The water fountains and refill stations can be found here.

Parks are also great spots to visit if you do not want to stay indoors. Not only can the trees over great shade, but you can also find sprinklers, water fountains and more. Click here to find your nearest park

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