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Immigration News Today: Former Associates of Steve Bannon Get Jail Time

Fisayo Okare

Apr 30, 2023

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration.

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New York

A guide for Asians recovering from hate crimes: Documented’s latest resource guide offers information about hate crimes and provides information on the resources accessible to hate crime victims in NYC. — Documented

Designing better experiences for migrants:  Designers look into proposed solutions that could be applied to urban wayfinding in cities where migrants and refugees live. Cannon Design

Weather Service report details communication gaps during deadly Hurricane Ida: The report concludes the agency must improve its communication of flash-flooding risks, including providing information in languages other than English and Spanish. — The Washington Post

New York’s Eric Adams is sounding a lot like Republicans on immigration: This is the second time in less than a year that Adams’ messaging on a highly contentious political issue has overlapped with Republican talking points. — Politico

Giuliani reveals voter suppression tactics from 1993 election: The former mayor said he spent $2 million to set up a committee that went to a Hispanic community and warned them not to vote without a green card. — The Guardian

Assemblymember Grace Lee, State Sen. John Liu, introduce bill to mandate inclusion of Asian American history in NY public schools: The bill is in tandem with efforts by the Representing and Empowering AANHPI History Coalition to ensure AANHPI history is being taught in state public schools. — Read more here and here

Around the U.S. 

Immigrants waiting 10 years in U.S. just to get a court date: Offices in some cities are now telling migrants to come back years from now. The extra work has strained ICE’s capacity for enforcing immigration laws in the U.S. interior. — Border Report

Special report — how a fake ID let Hyundai suppliers use child labor in Alabama: Inspectors questioned a migrant worker at a Hyundai warehouse. He said he was 18 years old; documents identified him as 34. But he was actually 16 and had been using those credentials since he was 14. — Reuters

Lawsuit — California prisons target ‘foreign-born’ inmates: Corrections officials refer hundreds of people to ICE for possible deportation, even those born in the U.S., states a lawsuit filed in state court Thursday. — AP News

Washington D.C.

U.S. to set up processing centers for migrants in Central and South America: The first processing centers will be operated by international organizations partnering with the U.S. in Guatemala and Colombia, and will open in the coming weeks. — NBC News

House GOP, divided over immigration, advances border crackdown plan: Republicans are eyeing a vote this month to reinstate Trump-era policies. Democrats say Republicans want to invigorate their supporters ahead of the 2024 election. — The New York Times

U.S. District judge sentences two former associates of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon: Andrew Badolato, 58, and Brian Kolfage, 41, were sentenced to 3 years and 4-¼ years each for misappropriating funds for the “We Build the Wall” campaign. — Reuters

Fisayo Okare

Fisayo writes Documented’s "Early Arrival" newsletter and "Our City" column. She is an MSc. graduate of Columbia Journalism School, New York, and earned her BSc. degree in Mass Comm. from Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.




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