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Immigration News Today: How to Get Across the Border Under New Asylum Rules

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration.

New York

Adams talks with county officials as NYC considers accommodations for migrants, including shuttered prison:

County leaders railed against Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to move migrants to the Hudson Valley, calling it hastily done and bereft of details. — POLITICO

Advocates, community leaders working to help migrants settle with whatever resources they have:

Early morning on Wednesday, Documented’s Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio was at Port Authority as advocates and community leaders welcomed new migrants. — Read her full report here 

Biden campaign reportedly dropped Adams because of his criticisms of the White House’s migrant response:

Adams was initially named to Biden’s National Advisory Board, but no longer appeared on a list of 50 Democrats released by the campaign Wednesday. — POLITICO

Around the U.S. 

How to get across the border under new asylum rules:

What determines whether migrants get in or not? It’s about how good of a case they can make; or whether they’ve followed the rules. Most times, however, it’s just luck. — The New York Times

New report recommends 13 solutions to build a more humanitarian border protection system: 

Suggestions include establishing a center for migrant coordination within DHS to work with receiving communities, expanding lawful pathways for migration, and more. — American Immigration Council

On the border, on the cusp of change:

The New York Times’ national immigration correspondent discusses how she’s covering the border policy change. — The New York Times

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs immigration overhaul bill ahead of expected White House run:

The legislation makes it a felony to bring some undocumented immigrants into the state, orders hospitals to collect immigration status, and more. — AP News

DeSantis legislation led Florida workers to stop showing up to work:

Before the Florida law went into effect, undocumented immigrants temporarily stopped going to work on construction sites and farms across the state. — CBS News

Washington D.C.

60,000 migrants are waiting near U.S.-Mexico border as Title 42 ends, border chief says:

As of Thursday, nearly 25,000 migrants were in Border Patrol holding facilities and tents. The Biden administration expects to have over 45,000 individuals in custody by month end. — CBS News

ICE will subject parents to GPS monitoring and home curfew while credible fear process is ongoing:

Under a new ICE program, families who cross the border without authorization will be subject to ankle monitors, and will be deported if they fail an initial asylum screening. — Los Angeles Times

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