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Immigration News Today: 100,000+ People in NYC’s Homeless Shelters

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration.

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New York

Spotlight — The Guyanese of New York City:

In June 2021, the Richmond Hill intersection of Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Avenue was named Little Guyana. But the city’s Guyanese community extends far beyond that. — Check out Documented’s Carribbean Communities Correspondent’s multimedia report about the community 

For the first time, 100,000+ people in NYC’s homeless shelters:

City officials asked the state and feds for help finding migrants temporary homes outside the city, getting them work permits, and finding lawyers to help with asylum claims. — The New York Times

Commentary — A New York for all falls short in Albany:

Advocates argue the state legislature lacked leadership despite soaring rates of homelessness and tens of thousands of newly-arrived immigrants.  — Gotham Gazette

Around the U.S. 

Four more people arrested in operation that left 53 people dead in tractor-trailer near San Antonio last year:

The arrests of the men brings to six the total number of people facing criminal charges in the case. Two others were charged last year. — The New York Times

Florida’s law, kicking off July 1, to affect how immigrants access work and medical care:

Guatemalan-Maya Center has been reassuring their clients that by federal law, they can still receive medical care, and if they’re asked about their immigration status, they can decline to answer. — NPR

Washington D.C.

Supreme Court rejects race-conscious admissions at Havard and UNC:

Conservatives hailed the 6-3 ruling that is likely to drastically reshape college admissions policies at elite schools and across the country. — The New York Times

  • “With let-them-eat-cake obliviousness, today, the majority pulls the ripcord and announces “colorblindness for all” by legal fiat. But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life. No one benefits from ignorance. …Race still matters to the lived experiences of all Americans in innumerable ways, and today’s ruling makes things worse, not better.” — Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s dissent

Analysis reveals discrepancies between ICE’s actions and Biden’s enforcement priorities:

The findings reveal that places like New York City and Chicago exhibited higher shares of enforcement actions falling under ICE activities labeled as “other” priority. — American Immigration Council 

New report details record of abuse by Homeland Security Investigations, recommends reforms:

The report lays out steps that Congress and the Department of Homeland Security can take to limit the authority of HSI and establish more robust accountability. — Read the full report here

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