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Immigration News Today: Staten Island Protests Asylum Seeker Shelter

Fisayo Okare

Aug 14, 2023

Danira and her daughters, ages 3 and 9, walking to their shelter after school on a rainy day. Photo by Rommel H. Ojeda

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New York

Staten Island community leaders, City Council members protest possible asylum seeker shelter:

At a rally Saturday in Midland Beach, City Council member David Carr spoke against turning an assisted living development into a shelter for asylum seekers. — CBS News

Around the U.S. 

Drinking water human rights group placed for migrants vanishes:

Groups started placing water for migrants along the southern border in the 1990s, but a volunteer said 12 of the 21 water stations he maintains were no longer there. — AP News

Some Wisconsin lawmakers now support letting undocumented immigrants drive. Here’s why:

Republican Rep. Patrick Snyder says that if the state “suddenly kicked out” its undocumented workers, “our dairy farms would collapse.”  — ProPublica

3-year-old riding one of Texas’ migrant buses dies on the way to Chicago, officials say:

Illinois officials have been working with health officials, state police and federal authorities “to the fullest extent possible to get answers in this tragic situation.” — AP News

Forced to fire undocumented workers, owner of landmark Florida restaurant seeks change:

Richard Gonzmart said with 2,000 employees, it’s difficult to monitor immigration status. They found seven people and were required to terminate them. — Miami Herald

California court of appeals rejects challenge to noncitizen voting:

San Francisco Proposition N allows noncitizen residents who are adult parents or guardians of children under age 19 to vote in school board elections.  Read more

Opinion — How a change in U.S. immigration policies can solve nursing shortage:

Two former housing and human services secretaries, one Democrat and one Republican, make a case for how immigrants can help solve the health care crisis. — TIME

Washington D.C.

Biden admin. considers new housing program for holding migrant families:

DHS wants the ability to use funds to set up new types of facilities to hold migrant families as they go through an expedited asylum and deportation process. — Axios

Congressional delegation to visit Latin America to discuss migration, climate, and democracy:

“There are political currents in these countries that are happening in the U.S., and those connections aren’t always made,” said a Democratic congressional aide familiar with the delegations plans. — POLITICO

Fisayo Okare

Fisayo writes Documented’s "Early Arrival" newsletter and "Our City" column. She is an MSc. graduate of Columbia Journalism School, New York, and earned her BSc. degree in Mass Comm. from Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.




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