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Immigration News Today: Adults Reentering NYC Shelters Will Have Just 30 Days To Stay

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New York

Analysis: Does NYC need 15% budget cuts to pay for the welfare of asylum seekers?

A recent report shows Mayor Adams’ proposed budget cuts are billions of dollars higher than the estimated costs the city is facing to accommodate asylum seekers. — Documented

Where New York immigrants can get support after sexual assault and harassment:

Documented’s latest resource provides a list of legal and community resources and steps to take if you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence or harassment. — Read more

Adults re-entering city shelters will have just 30 days for that stay:

Families with children may also be given a deadline to either find housing or re-apply for shelter for the first time. — THE CITY

Around the U.S. 

Two years since U.S. troops left Afghanistan, the world has moved on. But one Afghan family with a very sick little girl is still waiting:

Najeeb fled to Qatar with his family, believing they would be processed for resettlement to America quickly since he had been working for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. That hasn’t happened. — POLITICO

New study shows informing voters about immigration policy fosters pro-immigration views:

Most Americans don’t know much about the legal immigration process, but a national survey experiment showed learning more led to positive views of immigration. — Read more

A town heard about a child worker’s accident. But even teachers and police kept it quiet:

14-year-old Marcos Cux had his arm shredded at a Perdue slaughterhouse in Virginia last year. The plant was full of migrant kids working in violation of child labor laws. — The New York Times

Washington D.C.

Migrant crossings along border rising back to previous levels, reaching more than 8,000 apprehensions:

In May, ahead of Title 42’s expiration, CBP encountered more than 8,000 people daily. But after Title 42 expired, numbers dropped dramatically – with daily border arrests hovering around 3,500. — CNN

Biden administration considers raising refugee ceiling in next fiscal year:

Biden set the ceiling at 125,000 last year. Officials will fall short of meeting that goal, but a recent uptick in admissions has fueled renewed optimism in the program among refugee advocates. — CNN

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