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Immigration News Today: Texas Ranch Owner Says State Arrested Hundreds of Migrants Without His Consent

Fisayo Okare

Oct 05, 2023

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border

A close-up view of the fence along the U.S. border (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

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New York

Councilmember Hanif introduces bill to ban shelter stay limits for asylum seekers:

Intro 1212 aims to combat recent limits on shelter stays for asylum seekers. The bill would prohibit limitations on shelter stays in Department of Homeless Services shelters and bar restrictions on stays for asylum seekers in HERRCs or Respite Centers. — Read more

Around the U.S. 

Texas ranch owner says DPS arrested hundreds of migrants without his consent:

Ranch owner Beyer Junfin says he never gave state troopers permission to initiate a crackdown on his land in Eagle Pass this summer. He has asked that the more than 650 trespassing cases be dropped. — Houston Chronicle

Activists call for work permits to be extended to immigrants living in U.S. for years:

Legally protected under DACA, Laura Mendoza has been able to graduate from college and launch a successful career, but her parents have not been able to legally work since they first arrived in Chicago 27 years ago. — ABC 7 Chicago

Immigrants have won 40% of Nobel Prizes awarded to Americans since 2000:

Immigrants have won 45 of 112 of the Nobel Prizes awarded to Americans since 2000, including a number of U.S. immigrants who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2023. — Boundless 

Undocumented families bussed from Texas to downtown San Jose overnight:

Twelve migrant adults and children were bussed to California from El Paso. The families spent three days on the streets before anyone realized what happened. — CBS Bay Area

What’s it like to be an immigrant in America? Here’s one family’s story:

Jon Lowenstein’s long-term documentary explorations delve into diasporic communities and their resilient response to wealth inequality, poverty, and history. — National Geographic

A Texas neighborhood became a target of the right over immigration. Locals are pushing back:

For weeks in Texas, conservative media and GOP activists have been pushing unsubstantiated claims that Colony Ridge has become a magnet for immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. — Spectrum News NY 1

Washington D.C.

U.S. to restart deportations to Venezuela in effort to reduce record border arrivals:

The shift in policy is designed to slow down U.S.-bound migration from Venezuela and other countries hosting millions of displaced Venezuelans, including Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. — CBS News

Biden says border walls don’t work as administration bypasses laws to build more barriers:

Biden told reporters he tried to get Congress to move money appropriated for the border wall. “They have to use the money for what it was appropriated. I can’t stop that,” he said. — CNN

Fisayo Okare

Fisayo writes Documented’s "Early Arrival" newsletter and "Our City" column. She is an MSc. graduate of Columbia Journalism School, New York, and earned her BSc. degree in Mass Comm. from Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.




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