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Mayor Eric Adams Has “No Idea” Why His Son Was at an Event With Chinatown Developers

Mayor Adams' son recently attended an out-of-state event with real estate developers who now own the Chinatown East Broadway Mall.

阅读中文版: 亚当斯之子与怡东商场接盘方有关联,市长称不知情

At a press conference today, Mayor Eric Adams says he was unaware of an appearance his son Jordan Coleman made at a San Francisco community association this March with Winnie Greco, Special Advisor to the Mayor and Director of Asian Affairs, and the leader of an influential business association connected to a major Chinatown development project. 

“My son does not get into my business, I do not get into my son’s business,” he said, “So I have no idea where he goes.” 

Adams and Coleman have a close relationship, both of them mentioned in a previous interview. “We really talked and we really understood each other’s positions in life and our life goals,” the son told the New York Post earlier this year. About two weeks following the San Francisco trip, Adams attended his son’s album release party to show his support.

Last week, Documented revealed many connections between Greco and Wade Li, the president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York, the association affiliated with the redevelopment of the iconic East Broadway Mall in Chinatown. The building is changing hands, but questions have arisen among former operators and tenants regarding the new leadership of Broadway East Group, the developer that now holds the contract. 

Documented first revealed the direct connections between BEG, a mysterious LLC that has largely kept its funding quiet, and several powerful city government officials, including Adams and Greco. The city approved the transfer from the previous leaseholders shortly after Li hosted a fundraiser in June for Adams at his restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown. 

Documented reported last week that Wade Li appeared at an event hosted by the Lee On Dong Association in San Francisco. Li was joined by Coleman and Greco, who presented an official proclamation on behalf of the Mayor’s Office during the event.

Adams also confirmed that Greco personally paid for her trip to San Francisco in March. As of the article’s publication, the Mayor’s office declined to address questions regarding the possibility of third-party contributions toward Greco’s and Jordan’s trip to San Francisco, the purpose of Jordan’s attendance at the event, and whether the trip had any influence on the bidding process for the East Broadway Mall.

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