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Immigration News Today: How Viable is Donald Trump’s 2024 Immigration Plan? 

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Around the U.S. 

Democrats’ border problem is getting real

Democrats face a shift in immigration sentiments as polling indicates concern among their base, including views similar to GOP immigration hawks. — The Washington Post

Asylum in America, by the numbers

Border Patrol agents made six million arrests from February 2021 through the end of this September, with over 1.7 million quickly released to stay in the country. — The New York Times

More asylum claims and more crossings along U.S.-Canada border, despite the dangers

Canada has also experienced a rise in asylum claims because of global migration and policy changes, while smuggling rings exploit the situation. — NBC News

Washington D.C.

Biden campaign aims to show stark contrast to Trump immigration plans

Biden’s campaign criticizes Trump for his immigration policy, saying that Biden inherited a broken system and that Trump would strip immigrants of their rights. — Spectrum News 1

How viable is Donald Trump’s 2024 immigration plan? 

Former President Donald Trump’s immigration proposals include building mass detention camps, overseeing mass deportations, expanding ideological screenings for visa applications, suspending the refugee program, terminating temporary immigration protections and invoking a 1700s-era law to deport people without due process, Politifact writes. — Politifact

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