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Immigration News Today: Migrant Families Shiver at Floyd Bennett Field Tent Shelter

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New York

For families at Floyd Bennett Field, getting used to the cold is the hardest part:

Even indoors and despite the tent’s heating systems, migrants are shivering through the night. — The CITY

Two women accused of attacking Jewish woman in Manhattan are charged with hate crimes:

The two women allegedly attacked the victim as she filmed them taking down Israeli hostages’ missing person posters. — The Gothamist

NYC seeks total ban on Brooklyn Bridge vendors to ease pedestrian congestion:

Those with permits, especially licensed veterans, complain about unfair treatment. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S. 

Tensions simmer as newcomers and immigrants with deeper US roots strive for work permits: 

Thousands of immigrants gathered in D.C. this month, urging President Biden to grant extended work authorization to those who have been longtime residents. — Associated Press

U.S. closes border crossing in response to unauthorized entries: 

Officials closed one Texas crossing to vehicles and limited traffic at an Arizona border crossing. — ABC News

Voters want control of the border, but do they want Trump immigrant roundups and detention camps? 

Experts suggest that former President Trump’s tough immigration proposals threaten to affect many Americans, including citizens. — NBC News

Washington D.C.

Opinion: Biden has the right border plan, but arbitrary caps have actually blocked legal migration: President Biden’s plan to address border issues includes making legal entry easier. But arbitrary caps and flawed procedures hinder legal pathways, write two members of a libertarian think tank. — USA Today


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