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Immigration News Today: Hundreds Rally to Defend NYC Right to Shelter Law

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New York

Enforcement and Removal Operations NYC arrests previously removed Salvadoran citizen convicted of forcible touching of a child:

The 29-year-old will remain in custody pending removal proceedings. — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Transcript: Mayor Adams delivers remarks at Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs’ C4A convening:

Mayor Adams emphasized the humanitarian aspect of supporting immigrants and suggested that “no city should be handling a national problem of this magnitude and this scale. — NYC.gov

Photos: Rally to defend NYC’s right to shelter:

Hundreds rallied in lower Manhattan to defend NYC’s right to shelter, with a concern of dropping temperatures. — City Limits

Around the U.S.

Retirement without a net: The plight of America’s aging farmworkers:

Aging farmworkers lack retirement benefits and face financial hardship due to low wages and lack of legal status. — The New York Times

Billboards calling SF, NY “sanctuary cities” for immigrants pop up in El Paso, TX:

The website of Sanctuary Cities, which is behind the signs, suggests sanctuary cities have ample services to help undocumented immigrants. — ABC7 News

Washington D.C.

In plea for Ukraine funding, Biden says open to “significant compromises” on border issues:

Biden also accuses the Republicans of being “willing to literally kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield and damage our national security in the process.” — USA Today

Opinion: The Border crisis stymies needed immigration reform:

The surge in illegal border crossings poses a significant challenge for the Biden administration, with potential long-term repercussions regardless of the outcome of the next election. — WSJ

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