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Immigration News Today: Federal Government Asks NYC for Cold Weather and Long-term Migrant Plans

Nancy Chen

Dec 08, 2023

Migrants await buses headed to the humanitarian relief center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Photo: Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio

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New York

Federal government asks NYC for cold weather and long-term migrant plans: 

As feds look for preparedness as winter sets in, the mayor’s chief of staff contends “this is a national crisis that New York City should not be carrying on our backs.” — Spectrum News NY 1

NYC councilmember pushes bill requiring e-bikes and e-scooters have license plates and be registered:

The bill was proposed because of safety concerns and fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. — The Gothamist

NYC deposits billions in big banks that lock out communities of color, report finds:

The “big four” banks issued significantly fewer home loans in NYC neighborhoods of color, amounting to $11.3 billion compared to over $45.5 billion elsewhere from 2018-2022. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S. 

Backlog for abused young immigrants waiting for green cards has doubled, advocates say: 

Over 100,000 foreign-born youths with “special immigrant juvenile” status, providing a way to legal residency, are waiting to obtain green cards. — NBC News

Mexico halts deportations and migrant transfers, citing lack of funds:

Mexico’s finance ministry suspended payments to the National Immigration Institute in November because of end-of-year budget adjustments. — Spectrum News NY 1

Texas’ illegal entry law will test states’ powers on immigration, border enforcement: 

The SB 4 will make it easier for state and local law enforcement to arrest and prosecute people crossing the border from Mexico. — NPR

Washington D.C.

Washington’s center of gravity on immigration has shifted to the right:

The debate now focused on measures aiming to keep migrants out as Republicans sense they have the political upper hand. — The Associated Press

Nancy Chen

Hongyu (Nancy) Chen is a Chinese-English bilingual reporter who graduated from Columbia Journalism School. She writes about immigrant communities and older adults in New York City. She also specializes in documentary filmmaking. Prior to Columbia, she studied International Relations at the Australian National University.



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