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Immigration News Today: How a U.S. Partisan Clash over Immigration Has Stalled Ukraine Aid

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New York

NY street vendors and store owners, sometimes rivals, find some common ground:

NYC street vendors, store owners and government officials support bills to regulate vending, but clash over changes to vending location rules and licensing caps. — The Gothamist

“It’s not the place, but where it’s located”: Immigrant families weather first weeks in Floyd Bennett shelter:

Migrants complained about the cold inside the tents, the remoteness and inaccessibility. — City Limits

Around the U.S.

In Florida farmland, Guadalupe feast celebrates, sustains 60-year-old mission to migrant workers:

This type of festival is a crucial way to integrate newcomers and make them feel at home, participants said. — ABC News

USCIS changes requirements for Form I-907 for Pending Form I-140:

USCIS is changing the filing location for Form I-907 for pending Form I-140 from service centers to USCIS lockboxes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. — USCIS

Washington D.C.

White House open to new border expulsion law, mandatory detention and increased deportations in talks with Congress:

The White House informed Senate Democrats that it could back these harsh policy changes as part of the negotiations over aid to Ukraine. — CBS News

How a U.S. partisan clash over immigration has stalled Ukraine aid:

Republican lawmakers are using the immigration issue to gain political advantage and are pushing for hardline border restrictions in exchange for increased US aid to Ukraine. — Bloomberg

(Opinion) MAGA gets the economics of immigration all wrong:

Mass deportations suggested by the MAGA movement could lead to labor shortages and economic instability. — The Hill

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