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Donations and Coats: Volunteers Needed to Help Migrants in NYC

The following groups are hosting toy drives for migrant children and are also collecting warm clothes for asylum seekers living in city shelters.

The clothing drive for asylum seekers started at 5 a.m. Diane Enobador, an organizer with Bushwick City Farms Migrant Mutual Aid (BCF MMA), said she woke up early on Nov. 11 to coordinate Uber rides with five different volunteers who brought boxes of donations that had been collected the previous weeks to the John the Baptist Community Garden in Brooklyn. 

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By 8 a.m., six more volunteers joined Diane and others to set up tables where clothes, toiletries, and other necessities —  like infant formula — for migrants from nearby shelters to take. By 5 p.m., six hours after the clothing drive began, more than 40 migrants had attended the supply and clothing drive. 

“People are so kind and generous. I think everyone wants everyone else to have what they need for the winter,” said Enobador. “The day goes by really fast. It feels like a little gathering, and you don’t feel tired.”

Like BCF MMA, mutual aid groups, nonprofits, and city officials have coordinated donation drives with neighbors in their respective communities to collect and provide warm clothes for families and toys for children during the upcoming winter holiday season. They hope to meet the needs of asylum seekers at New York City shelters by working with New Yorkers who are eager to help the newest members of their community. 

The following organizations and entities are currently hosting toy drives for migrant children, and are also collecting warm clothes for asylum seekers living in city shelters. Some of the organizations that Documented spoke with have also mentioned the need for volunteers and donations to keep their operations going. 

If you would like to be added to the list, please contact: rommel.ojeda@documentedny.com.

What organizations are helping migrants in NYC?

There are many more organizations around the city that are currently holding donation drives to help asylum seekers and those in need during the winter and holiday season. Find your local mutual aid and/or representative below: 

National list of Mutual Aids in NYC, based on zip code

Enter zip code or address to find the nearest mutual aid. Each mutual aid has their own programs. Call in advance to inquire about the best way to get involved. 

Look for your local representative to learn of clothing drives and more

Find your local representative to inquire about the programs being held at their offices. 


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