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Immigration News Today: NYC Evicts Migrant Families From Homeless Shelters

Nancy Chen

Jan 09, 2024

Migrants waited in line outside of port authority on Wednesday morning after arriving on buses from Texas, as local aid groups helped them find transportation to intake centers for shelters. Photo: Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio for Documented

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration. This summary was featured in Documented’s Early Arrival newsletter. You can subscribe to receive it in your inbox three times per week here.

New York

60-day New York City shelter stay limit expiration means evictions for families of migrants:

If the migrants have nowhere else to go, they can return to the Roosevelt Hotel to request another 60-day placement. — ABC7 New York

Suspect arrested after migrant dies from stabbing at Randall’s Island shelter:

Moises Coronado, 27, who also stayed in the shelter and stabbed the victim, Dafren Canizalez, was charged by the police. — The Gothamist

At start of crucial election year, Biden officials talk up his agenda in deep blue New York:

Blas Nuñez-Neto expressed optimism about the ongoing U.S. Senate negotiations for a bipartisan compromise but offered few details when questioned about potential decompression strategies for NYC. — The Gothamist

How welcoming immigrants benefits New York City:

Immigrant New Yorkers are more likely to be employed and create jobs by starting a business. — New York City Comptroller

Around the U.S.

U.S. released more than 2.3 million migrants at border since 2021:

Over 6 million migrants were taken into CBP custody during the same period. — The Washington Post

Elon Musk bats for upping H-1B visa caps, allowing more skilled immigrants into the U.S.:

“While it is trivial to enter the United States illegally, it is insanely difficult for legal immigrants to move to the United States. This is madness!” Elon Musk posted. — Economic Times

A new immigration policy that avoids a dangerous journey is working. But border crossings continue:

As of now, 3,000 refugees have arrived in the U.S., and 9,000 have been approved. — The Associated Press

Washington D.C.

Biden faces pressure on immigration, and not just from Republicans:

Democratic mayors and governors pressure President Biden to address the overflow of migrants in their cities, seeking help with encampments, shelters and budgets. — The New York Times

Nancy Chen

Hongyu (Nancy) Chen is a Chinese-English bilingual reporter who graduated from Columbia Journalism School. She writes about immigrant communities and older adults in New York City. She also specializes in documentary filmmaking. Prior to Columbia, she studied International Relations at the Australian National University.



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